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Hiring A Divorce Attorney When You Are Sad and Angry

Dealing with a divorce can be a sad and frustrating process, especially if you are grieving the end of your relationship. Hi, my name is Sandra, and when I got divorced seven years ago, I signed away many things that I would not have agreed to if I had been thinking clearly. That is why it is essential to hire a great divorce attorney. If you are feeling particularly sad or angry, you need one even more. I don't want to see others fall into the same trap I did, so I decided to start a blog to help. I hope these posts help and inspire you. Good luck with your changing family structure.

The Ins and Outs of Family Law: Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

29 December 2023
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When it comes to family law, navigating the legal system can be a daunting process for many people. Whether it's dealing with divorce, child custody, or other matters related to family dynamics, understanding your rights and responsibilities can make a big difference in the outcome. This blog post will provide a comprehensive guide to family law and the various issues that fall under its jurisdiction, from the basics of marriage and divorce to the complexities of child custody and property division. Read More …

Divorce Tips: Avoiding Mistakes And Oversights During Separation

24 January 2023
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The end of a marriage is stressful and overwhelming. As a result, divorce and separation can be complicated, and it is not uncommon to make poor decisions in the heat of emotional distress. Therefore, if you have decided to file for a divorce, you should find a reliable family lawyer. Look for a firm specialising in family law and assess their capability, resources, track record and reputation. Consult your selected lawyer through every step to ensure each decision is in your favour. Read More …

Reasons To Hire A Family Lawyer As You Divorce Your Spouse

14 July 2022
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Do you really need a family lawyer as you divorce your spouse? Some people opt for self-representation to avoid legal costs. In so doing, they deprive themselves of the value that family lawyers bring to the table during the divorce process. Below is an extensive excerpt detailing how a family can help you as you divorce your spouse.  Getting The Application Process Right  Minor errors when making your divorce application or serving the paperwork to your spouse could complicate or lengthen the process. Read More …

Three Communication Tips for Working With a Family Lawyer During Divorce

13 October 2021
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Divorce is undoubtedly a challenging and stressful time, but working with a family lawyer to come to a fair settlement will make it easier. This guide offers three top tips on how to effectively communicate with your lawyer, making their work on your behalf more efficient. Communicate Your Situation Accurately and Effectively One of the most important things about working with a family lawyer is to be completely honest and transparent about your situation. Read More …

Can You Enforce a Maintenance Order If the Other Party Goes Overseas?

22 October 2020
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Whenever two parents go through a divorce, complications unfortunately arise. They may need to untangle their assets and agree about how things should be divided, and they will definitely need to take care of the children and make appropriate plans for their future. While this situation can often result in a child support and spousal maintenance order, additional complications could surface if one of the parties decides to leave the country. Read More …