Reasons To Hire A Family Lawyer As You Divorce Your Spouse

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Reasons To Hire A Family Lawyer As You Divorce Your Spouse

14 July 2022
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Do you really need a family lawyer as you divorce your spouse? Some people opt for self-representation to avoid legal costs. In so doing, they deprive themselves of the value that family lawyers bring to the table during the divorce process. Below is an extensive excerpt detailing how a family can help you as you divorce your spouse. 

Getting The Application Process Right 

Minor errors when making your divorce application or serving the paperwork to your spouse could complicate or lengthen the process. For instance, your application could be rejected if you do not have the paperwork to prove that you qualify for a divorce. For example, you must demonstrate that you have been separated for at least a year. Conversely, you will need a marriage counselling certificate if your marriage happened within the last two years. The law prohibits you from serving divorce papers. You could ask a friend or associate to deliver the papers in this case. However, they could get you into legal trouble if they trespass on your spouse's property or threaten them to sign the papers. Your family lawyer helps you avoid such issues since they understand the laws to follow when serving divorce papers. 

Ensuring Rationality During Negotiations 

A reason why most divorces last long is that partners are irrational during negotiations. For instance, a parent would want primary custody of the kids even though their schedule prevents them from spending adequate time with the kids. On the other hand, a spouse could intentionally sell the joint property without the consent of their spouse. Family lawyers help streamline the process by ensuring rationality as you prepare financial agreements and consent orders. Typically, the lawyer examines your needs and informs you about a likely outcome. Negotiations often involve talks and exchanges between lawyers. This way, parties do not waste time discussing irrelevant issues during negotiations. 

Determining Spousal Maintenance 

Spousal maintenance is a contentious issue in most divorces. Your family lawyer evaluates the finances of both parties to determine whether one spouse needs maintenance. Ideally, a party qualifies for spousal maintenance if there is a significant difference in their finances of both parties. As such, the financially disadvantaged party would need funding to maintain a reasonable lifestyle. Your lawyer will recommend whether to pay the spousal maintenance in lump sum or instalments. Moreover, they will recommend a fair amount. 

A family lawyer will assist with the divorce application, negotiations and determining spousal maintenance. Remember to assess the lawyer's experience and pricing before hiring them.