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Hiring A Divorce Attorney When You Are Sad and Angry

Dealing with a divorce can be a sad and frustrating process, especially if you are grieving the end of your relationship. Hi, my name is Sandra, and when I got divorced seven years ago, I signed away many things that I would not have agreed to if I had been thinking clearly. That is why it is essential to hire a great divorce attorney. If you are feeling particularly sad or angry, you need one even more. I don't want to see others fall into the same trap I did, so I decided to start a blog to help. I hope these posts help and inspire you. Good luck with your changing family structure.

“Will” You Believe the Truth? Looking at Pervasive Myths About Wills

22 December 2016
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There are many stories and myths about wills, and if you are thinking of creating a will, you should know a bit about the truth of these documents. Many of the myths are based on film or television depictions of will readings, while others are simply common misconceptions passed about among people. Here's a quick look at some pervasive myths and the truth behind them: Myth: There's always a reading of the will. Read More …

What Is the Legal Property Division Process, in the Absence of Pre-Nuptials?

9 November 2016
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When two people enter a relationship, they will frequently look at everything through rose tinted glasses. They may never see problems down the road and as a consequence may not consider the legal ramifications of mingling their lives together. In an ideal world, they would consult solicitors to help them draft "pre-nuptials" which would detail how property would be divided in the event of separation. While these agreements are usually legally binding and enforceable, things get a lot more complicated in their absence. Read More …

How Does Domestic Violence Change The Interpretation Of The Law?

29 January 2016
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Domestic violence is a vice that is frowned upon across the globe.   The occurrence of domestic violence in a family law dispute can have a significant impact on the manner in which various aspects of family law are interpreted in the particular context.  This article discusses a few ways through which the occurrence of violence can alter the interpretation of the law. This information is especially beneficial to those studying to become family law practitioners. Read More …